In My Body

“I’m worried your father’s animal ways will come alive in you, be passed down to you.”

“I’m not an animal, Mom.”

“But where did you get strength like that?”

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Eliza HandayaniComment
Orang yang Dianggap Barang

Nukilan novel yang menggambarkan dengan sangat hidup penderitaan dan ketidakadilan yang dialami para budak yang dianggap barang dagangan dan tidak memiliki kuasa atas hidup mereka.

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All for a Son

In Tanah Abang, South Sumatra, after girls marry they would leave their parents’ hut to go live with their in-laws. If a husband-and-wife didn’t have any sons, who would take care of them in their old age? Despite being over 40 and already having 14 daughters, Maryam is determined to have a baby boy.

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The Embrace of the Rengas Tree

Gema’s brother was found dead after entering the sacred ancestors’ forest. Everyone in Gema's village in Kalimantan thought that he was cursed, but Gema remembered him telling her about strange men whom he had spied on in the sacred land, chopping down trees.

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