Terima kasih telah berkunjung. Di situsweb ini anda dapat membaca karya-karya terjemahan dari manca negara dan Indonesia, serta artikel seputar penerjemahan sastra. Saat ini kami tengah menerbitkan dua serial:

  1. Unrepressed: serial dwibahasa yang bertujuan mengangkat dan mendorong tulisan tentang tema-tema yang masih sering direpresi,
  2. Oleh-oleh Sastra: karya penulis dan penerjemah luar biasa yang kami temui dalam pengelanaan kami.

Juga jangan lupa tengok koleksi Diverse Indonesia: Next Generation yang menampilkan karya penulis muda yang kami seleksi dalam rangka menyambut Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, dipilih tanpa melihat nama atau biografi penulis, dan diterjemahkan ke bahasa Inggris.

Sejak 2012 kami telah menggelar lokakarya dan seminar penerjemahan sastra, forum diskusi antara penerjemah dan penerbit, serta pembacaan karya oleh penulis-penulis Indonesia dan luar negeri. Kami pun telah diundang untuk berbagi pengalaman di berbagai acara, misalnya Asia-Pacific Writers & Translators Association Summit, Festival Pembaca Indonesia, British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School, dan Pekan Raya Buku Frankfurt.

InterSastra berterima kasih sebesar-besarnya kepada kawan-kawan yang telah banyak membantu pelbagai kegiatan kami: Miagina Amal, Wikan Satriati, Neneng Nurjanah, Noerhayati, Indra Sarathan, Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Leopold Adi Surya Indrawan, dan sahabat-sahabat InterSastra lainnya.

Logo InterSastra mengambil inspirasi dari pos udara, sebab penerjemahan menjalin hubungan antara penulis dan pembaca yang bisa jadi berjarak jauh secara fisik dan bahasa. Untuk menggambarkan keterbukaan, garis-garis dalam logo InterSastra hanya dilukis di sudut kiri dan atas. Untuk melambangkan keberagaman suara dan sudut pandang, garis-garis dalam logo InterSastra menjadi berwarna-warni.

InterSastra ingin menjadi ruang yang bebas dan independen untuk penyelusuran dan pertukaran sastra. Kami mendukung kebebasan menulis, membaca, dan berkreasi.

Jika anda ingin mengirim karya tulisan, terjemahan, atau ilustrasi untuk InterSastra, mari ke sini. Saran atau komentar dapat anda masukkan ke sini. Terima kasih atas dukungan anda.








Thanks for visiting. On this website you can read stories and poems translated from or into Indonesian, as well as articles on literary translation. Currently we are publishing 2 exciting collections:

  1. Unrepressed: a bilingual series of short literary works to promote and encourage writing about themes around which there is still much silencing

  2. Literary Souvenirs: works by extraordinary writers or translators that we meet in our travels.

Also, take a look at our Diverse Indonesia: Next Generation series to find stories and poems by emerging Indonesian authors, translated into English. The series was published to respond to controversies surrounding the selection of writers to Frankfurt Book Fair 2015—we asked writers not yet selected by the committee to send their works to us and we selected the submissions without seeing the authors' names.

Since 2012 InterSastra has held literary translation workshops, seminar, and author showcases. We've also been invited to speak at local and international events, such as the Asia-Pacific Writers & Translators Association Summit, Indonesian Readers Festival, British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School, and Frankfurt Book Fair.

InterSastra aspires to be a free and independent space for literary explorations and exchange. It was born out of concerns for literary translation in Indonesia. I would like to acknowledge the individuals who have helped InterSastra with its activities over the years, especially Miagina Amal, Neneng Nurjanah, Wikan Satriati, Noerhayati, Indra Sarathan, Norman Erikson Pasaribu, Leopold Adi Surya Indrawan, and others.

InterSastra's logo takes its inspiration from airmail, because translation connects writers and readers who may be separated by long distances as well as language differences. To symbolize openness, the lines in InterSastra's logo are rendered only on the top and left sides. To show InterSastra's commitment to present diversity of voices, the lines are rendered in various colors. 

If you'd like to submit your writing, translation, or illustration to us, please see guidelines here. InterSastra, or to write a review on books translated from or into Indonesian, please feel free to write to us at intersastra at gmail dot com. We'll also be glad to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for your interest and support.

Director & editor-in-chief:


Eliza Vitri Handayani is an internationally published writer of fiction and nonfiction. She writes in English and Indonesian. Her novel From Now On Everything Will Be Different came out in 2015 (Vagabond Press) and was launched at events such as the Frankfurt Book Fair and Asia-Pacific Writers & Translators Summit. At the Oslo and Jakarta launches, Eliza wore a dress that she’d designed and made herself from the novel's proofs. The novel’s launch at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival was canceled due to police warnings, and Eliza protested by wearing to the festival T-shirts printed with excerpts from her novel. Her short fiction has appeared in The Griffith Review (Aus), Asia Literary Review, Kill Your Darlings (Aus), Exchanges Journal (US), and other outlets. She has also contributed articles to various media, such as Index on Censorship (UK), The Jakarta Post, and Magdalene.co. In 2016 Eliza was selected as a Writers Immersion and Cultural Exchange (WrICE) fellow and participated in residencies in China and Australia. Eliza has appeared at festivals such as Melbourne Writers Festival, Northern Territory Writers Festival, and Makassar International Writers Festival. You can find links to her works at elizavitri.com, and you can greet her on Twitter or Instagram @elizavitri.

Poetry editor:

gcr prof pic 2017 09.jpeg

Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas studied English Literature in Universitas Indonesia, Depok, and received her masters in the Gothic imagination from University of Stirling, Scotland. She is one of the founders of Komunitas BungaMatahari, a poetry community that have embraced many poetry enthusiasts with its catchphrase “semua bisa berpuisi” or, roughly translated, “poetry for all”. She is also involved in Selatan, an online literary journal, and Paviliun Puisi, a monthly open mic event open to poets, poetry communities, and artists to showcase their works in a casual setting. Her poems have appeared in several anthologies, newspapers and magazines. Her poetry collections are Kota Ini Kembang Api (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2016) and Non-Spesifik (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2017). Her first collection of personal essays is titled Familiar Messes and Other Essays (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, 2017). She currently resides in Jakarta, trying to find balance between writing and day-to-day living.

Art coordinator:

Nita Dian

Nita Dian

Ika Vantiani is an artist and a craftsperson, she also curates and organizes events on art and culture. She tackles topics related to women, media, and consumerism. She has participated in group exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Chiang Mai, Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur, Pennsylvania, Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. Her solo exhibition, Her Finger Power, opened in Yogyakarta in October 2012. Her ongoing projects include Kata untuk Perempuan (Words For Women), which documents words used to talk about women in daily life, and Namamu (Your Name), which consists of a hundred poems about a hundred names, written by Ika and illustrated by a hundred illustrators from all over Indonesia. Ika loves vintage visuals and often uses old papers, fabric scraps, or found materials to make her collages, which have their signature teardrop shapes. She also makes wearable and decorative art merchandise, available in limited stock or by commission. She has conducted numerous arts and craft workshops in various provinces in Indonesia, sometimes in collaboration with women’s or environmental organizations. She has often worked as creative consultant or project manager for various art projects or art spaces.